I am slowly building my recommended reading list. These are some of my favorites. As I build the list I will leave my reviews.



This is a must read for anyone that want to become a millionaire. Dr. Stanley does a great job of explaining what makes up the personality of the average millionaire.




This is one of my favorite fiction works. The whole series is great really.  The character development and the author’s understanding of human interactions/relationships and why we do what we do is very thought provoking.




This is the first book I would recommend to someone who is interested in investing.  It is even one that a teenager could understand and spur a great family discussion.





Mr. Tobias does a wonderful job of targeting area after area about saving money and investing. The diversity of investment options in this book will leave you with changes to make in every aspect of your life.




The premise of this book is wonderful and fascinating. Taking a look at what makes up those individuals that are deemed “great” unlocks a lot of the mystery.  It also made me think about all the other aspects of one’s life and what is lacking when you devote all your time to one area.



A great guide for thinking about the details of raising boys.  Having three boys of my own, it has helped me navigate those sometimes tumultuous waters.




Growing up, it was the three of us boys (I had two brothers). I had no idea what to do when two little girls popped into my life. This gave me some wonderful insight into the makeup of raising young girls into amazing women.




Another great book full of life lessons by Dr. Stanley.








Lynnette Khalfani-Cox basically breaks down every way there is to save money on college. This is a must read for every parent that is about to have a student go to college in the next five years.




This is the book you the parents should read and then your teens should read before they go to college. It gives insight into what your teens should do before applying and attending college.




This book breaks down everything you need to know to invest like the original Boglehead, Jack Bogle himself.

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