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Talking about your income with the people around you is still taboo in most circles. As higher income earners, we have a set of circumstances that differ from 80-90% of the population. Finding people around you to discuss financial issues can be difficult. We have the disposable income to do a lot of good that adds value to our children and communities. Someone who is living paycheck to paycheck can’t accomplish or doesn’t have the knowledge to accomplish some of these things.

I’m sure the other 90% of income earners are probably saying boo-hoo for you guys. You need help spending your tons of disposable income. Boo-hoo, you actually can save for your kids’ college or travel to amazing places and learn about history and culture there.

I know, rich guy/gal problem. Well, I want to be a good overseer of the money I’ve earned and the talents I’ve been blessed with. What’s the point of having a bunch of wealth and having huge bank accounts if you hoard it until your death? And, what is the point of throwing money at every shiny object that interests you at that exact millisecond?

You might get some instant gratification. If you are anything like me, I have buyers remorse pretty quickly when I’ve wasted my money on a material thing that serves little purpose in my life. I’ve found that the experiences I share with my kids, family, and friends are what I carry with me. Also, when I can find a good buy on the material items that I use frequently, or have a multifunctional purpose, that brings me joy.

What They Need to Know

This is what I want to stress to my children. I know we first need to get our own financial lives in order. Then, as parents, we keep it that way before we can expand to help others see the light. Hopefully, this website helps parents do just that and then expand that good stewardship of money and time to their kids. I hope to cultivate a culture of parents that aren’t afraid to help their kids see the value of hard work and education about finance.  This knowledge and work ethic isn’t just for us to keep to ourselves. If we are going to raise a generation greater than ourselves, this is critical.

This website is a forum for high income parents to share their struggles with deciding how they will spend money on and with their children. I hope that the articles here spur conversation and growth so that we show our kids we love them, but also equip them to manage their own hopefully high incomes when they are adults.

Break the Cycle

I want to break the cycle of a lot of wealthy families.  In a lot of top income earning households the transfer of knowledge about personal finance, wealth management and the intentionality of decision-making from the parents to the children is extremely poor or nonexistent. Dr. Thomas Stanley described this phenomenon in his book The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy. He describes the gritty immigrants who, against all odds, travels to the land of the free and the home of the brave and work their keisters off to start a business and raise enough money so that their children can have better lives.

These immigrant parents see the value of education and encourage their children to study hard and go on to become business executives, engineers, lawyers, and doctors. They teach their kids the value of hard work, but also education. They saw their own children helping the parents and relatives to work in the family business and study at the same time. The parents know it was a difficult life. They want a “better life” for their children, one where they don’t have to work as hard as they did as adults to scrape and save.

The children of the hard-working immigrant go on to institutions of higher education. There, they learn the skills to become the high income professionals. They know what it is to work hard and want to enjoy more of their income than their parents received. They want to share this income with their own children because they love them. Plus, they see this culture of materialism and consumerism propagated throughout media and advertising in the US and the rest of the world. This culture influences the children and they want the latest and greatest trinkets.

Parents Set the Way

The parents also have worked very hard and long hours in professional settings. These settings don’t lend themselves to take the children along. It’s impossible to have your ten-year-old help you argue a case in the area of law. He can’t design a building at your engineering firm. The children aren’t exposed to the intellectual hard work their parents did. They do get to reap the benefits of a high income, though.

The parent is working hard at his or her job. Unfortunately, they can’t show this hard work and the importance of it and how it leads to their elevated income. The child gets great vacations, electronic devices, and endless entertainment without putting in the effort to earn those things.

As the child of the high income professional grows, he expects to have access to these high dollar activities. He doesn’t save anything and doesn’t want to put in the time on education to become a high income earner himself. Plus, why bother?


The child of the high income earner says,

Mom and Dad are still paying my bills or I can just live at home if I can’t find something I like.

They’ve had a couple of decades of conditioning to work little and have nice things.  It’s pretty hard to reverse that trend after that amount of time and expect them to be self-sufficient when they leave home.

Why are we here?

I want High Income to help change that. Just because you earn a lot of money doesn’t mean your children are entitled to any of it. They need to know that. I’m not talking about being selfish and keeping everything because you earned the high income and you deserve it.  I’m talking about educating your children about everything you did to get to the position you have. They need reminding pretty frequently, at least in my household.

I know not every high income professional is like this. Unfortunately, there seems to be some stigma in society if your kid is driving a 10-year-old car and doesn’t have the latest cell phone, then she can’t be popular or accepted.

We all need to learn to crawl before we walk. If we don’t teach our kids what it’s like to manage a little, they will never be able to manage a lot. I want the culture of materialism and consumerism to become a culture of frugality and investment. Like Dave Ramsey says in The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, “My paid off home mortgage replaced the BMW as the status symbol of choice.” For our kids, I want the paid off used car and finishing college with no loans all while working a job and going to school to pay for expenses to be the new status symbol in our households.

Add Value to My Readers

This site is for profit. There will be advertisements. The information here is all free but I may partner with businesses and services that offer great value to my readers. I won’t personally advertise anything that I don’t believe in. I do have Google AdSense and I cannot control all the content they advertise. If there is something disagreeable or offensive to you, please let me know.  I will take it off. 

I also won’t email you with ridiculous promotional materials. If you sign up for the email list you will get a link to my latest blog post in your email when they come out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

I promise not to email unless there is a big change to the site or something really important that I think will add value to you. That won’t be more than once a month. I hate email cluttering up my inbox and I hate being relentlessly sold to.  If you want information, email me. If you don’t understand something leave a comment or email me. I’m accessible on my Twitter page at or my Facebook page at Drop by and follow me or like my page if you have time. 

Give Back

I want to give back. These articles and any guest posts contributed are valuable to the parents who visit here. I would like this to become an index for parents to reference when they have questions about finances and life that pertain to their children. 

We’ve also established a scholarship for the children of our readers. We haven’t earned a dime from this site just yet but I want to get off on the right foot and show that we care about education. Financial education will help us keep our money and make it work for us, but higher education gives us a gateway to influence the world and pursue our dreams. The scholarship is dedicated to our good friend who passed away too young. 
So these are the reasons we are here.

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