Potential Guest Post Publishing Policy Page

Welcome to the Potential Guest Post Publishing Policy Page. If you are here, I assume that you want to write a guest post and have it published on my site. There are two ways to get published on this site.


HIP Examination Interview


  1. If you are another blogger, somewhat famous person, really famous person or just an all around interesting person and fit the criteria for my HIP Examination series, then I would be happy to discuss your background and email you the standard questions for the interview. Submit them back to me with the answers and anything else you would like to say.
  2. To be eligible for the HIP Examination series, you must have a household income over $100,000 fitting the What Makes a High Income Earner criteria for this website and you must be a parent. If you meet those specifications, let me know and we can get the ball rolling.
  3. I will, of course, include a link to your website, foundation, book, business, etc. As long as the site conforms to my standards, it is fine. I don’t promote, sites that use curse words, spam people with ridiculous things for sale or overall lewd content. My readers are generally young to middle age professions that are looking for financial and parenting advice to help themselves and their kids achieve financial independence and lead well-balanced, fulfilling lives.


Standard Guest Post

  1. This is a post about a topic that you are passionate. I want the best you have to offer. I want something that you are an expert on or have a uniquely personal viewpoint to contribute.
  2. The guest post should be valuable to the target audience, young to middle age high income professional parents.
  3. The post should be submitted in a word document, pdf, or google docs format.
  4. It should be visually pleasing with short paragraphs (less than 150 words), nice headings that give clues to the reader what the next section is about and images are always a bonus. Please don’t steal images. Make them your own, or from a free image site that doesn’t mind you downloading and distributing them. If you are familiar with YOAST, make sure the readability is GREEN.
  5. Give credit to sources.
  6. Do not include affiliate links.
  7. Generally, posts between 800 and 2500 words are a good length. The content is king though, so if you have a lot or little to say and it is profound, captivating and contributes to the mission of this website then I’m all for it.
  8. Don’t submit material that is published elsewhere. The search engines will punish both my site and the other place the post is published.
  9. Please send me the finished piece. Don’t ask for a topic or send me a draft. Don’t send me an outline. I want a finished work that you would be proud to have hundreds or thousands of people to read.
  10. Don’t plagiarize. We can both get in some major trouble and the bottom line is I just don’t want to deal with another angry author sending my hate email.


I’m always looking for more content on these subjects:

  1. Getting into college
  2. Paying for college
  3. Paying for and finding the best child care
  4. Teaching your kids about finance
  5. Insurance types pertaining to high income earners and their families
  6. High income moms and their financial challenges
  7. Single parent high income earners
  8. Real estate investing and how it can help high income earners




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